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Home Body Pilates Flex

Unlimited access to high quality Pilates classes with Arwen Brooke!

What is HBP Flex

  • Pilates with Arwen on YOUR schedule!

  • A growing library of over 200* recorded classes

  • A monthly subscription for the price of one class!

  • A chance to increase your practice and set your sights on greater strength, ease and flexibility! 

*Uploading 200+ classes is ongoing. There will be several classes uploaded each week so you can enjoy a brand new class every single day if you like! 

How it works...

  • Subscribe now for $20/mo

  • Use your email and custom password to log in and begin a workout! 

  • Option to interact with your instructor directly by leaving notes in the comments. Share your successes, ask questions, or make requests for future classes!

Working Out at Home
Yoga Class

What is Home Body Pilates?

Home Body Pilates is thoughtfully curated full body movement classes in a virtual setting! Each class challenges you, builds strength from the center out and magically unwinds tension. HBP arose out of the pandemic, when we ALL became Home Bodies, but it continues today because practicing at home happens to work well for many of us, and these workouts really WORK. YOU. OUT! 

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