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         Arwen Brooke is a Balanced Body Master Instructor (Teacher Trainer) in Pilates & CoreAlign. She’s been teaching Pilates since 2006 and training and certifying teachers since 2011. Also a practicing Yogi for many years, she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher training and often infuses her teaching with some of that beautiful and ancient wisdom as well. 


When working one-on-one, Arwen excels at unwinding the human body, alleviating pain from all sorts of life-acquired imbalances, and training for ease and strength. In a class setting, she manages to do all of this while moving you through a challenging flow, strategically designed to give you a workout that both makes you feel amazing and informs your relationship with your body for lasting change.


As a teacher trainer, she coaches her students with positivity and clarity while illuminating the workings of the human body in an approachable and practical way. 


Arwen brings a lightness and heartfelt care to every class or training session. She encourages you to rediscover your own power and inner light!


Arwen currently lives and teaches out of her home in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. When she’s not teaching or coaching instructors, she is out with her family (including two small boys), hiking, camping, traveling the globe or just out to eat!



Upper & Lower Body

Pelvic Floor 


Back Pain

Neck Pain


Plantar Fasciitis




Neck & Shoulders

Feet & Ankles

Sport Specific Training





And more...

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